The Allowed is a website aimed at exploring questions of faith, doubt, science & pretty much everything else. It’s designed as a safe space to explore, learn, and embrace uncertainty, whatever your personal beliefs may be.

It’s also kind of a personal exploration of my own, giving me chance to research a whole bunch of things that I find interesting or that I have no idea what the hell to think about, and write/draw about them for other people.

My name’s Jon and I have a background in fundamental Christianity, which isn’t as terrible as it sounds. I mean, it can be pretty crappy. But there were also good parts and I had a lovely time.

Nowadays though, after all the things I’ve discovered and rethought and changed my mind on, I can’t really fit back into my old way of thinking. I love learning, reading, new ideas, and fully honest conversations with other human people who are just as lost and uncertain as I am. We’re all just trying to figure this thing out anyway.

This site isn’t about laughing at old beliefs, or trying to convince you of my own opinion; instead, I hope it’s a space that inspires and allows you to take your own journey and think for yourself, whatever your background and personal story may be.

We post new ‘Main Series’ articles up every fortnight (the long, detailed, in-depth ones with pictures that take a lot of hours to write!) and we feature Mini’s and guest articles every now and then too.

You can also sign up for The Interesting Email below, which is kind of our little community; every week I fire out an email with a few links to things I’ve found inspiring / challenging / interesting recently, and maybe a personal thought or two if I’m feeling especially spicy that day.

Enjoy the site, and please get in touch with comments, ideas for articles, personal stories or struggles, or just whatever the frig you feel like. You can find links to our social networks and email address at the top of the website.

Jon 🙂




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